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Open & Close Bangle Commission

Open & Close Bangle Commission

Occasion: 21st Birthday

Brief: to create an open and close bangle using appliqued silver leaves and incorporating a cabochon semi-precious stone. The bangle was to bring together the client’s love of her Surrey upbringing with her time living and studying in Hong Kong among the camillias. To help me the client sent me two images of leaves, one from her Surrey garden and one that she collected in Hong Kong.


The Design: We had an initial meeting where we discussed the brief and decided on the elements of my work that she particularly liked. I came up with the following design which I submitted for approval along with a quotation for the work.


My client loved the design but was unsure as to whether she favoured a green stone as illustrated or a more earthy tone, a yellow or gold.  I arranged for a selection of cabochons to be sent out and once I had progressed the bangle we met again and she choose her favourite stone which turned out to be a beautiful 5mm diameter mossy green Tourmaline.

Once the stone was decided I completed the bangle,