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Caring for your Jewellery


Please note that each product is hand made and therefore is unique. Slight variations in form and material are part of the unique character of the work. The purchaser is responsible for the care of the work.

Use warm soapy water and a soft brush to occasionally clean textured pieces and gemstones, rinsing in clean water. Completely dry with a soft lint free, or nonabrasive cloth before storing. Specialist silver polishing cloths are 100% cotton infused with special silver cleaners. These silver dusters will help bring your jewellery back to life on a daily basis, essentially lifting off dirt, grease and fingerprints.

Please be careful when cleaning pearls as cleaning agents can destroy their lustre. Do not use an acid based cleaner. The natural oils and moisture in your skin help maintain the lustre of pearls.


Tips for General Jewellery Care

  • Consider removing your jewellery before engaging in practical activities. This will protect against accidental damage to the jewellery whilst exercising. We would recommend removing all jewellery before bathing or swimming.
  • Beauty products for skin and hair can react with precious stones and metals, causing your jewellery to tarnish, discolour and even possibly corrode. To minimize this we suggest you put your jewellery on last, after applying cosmetics, scents and sprays.
  • As exposure to the environment can cause your silver jewellery to tarnish over time we recommend you store your jewellery in airtight boxes or bags and keep them in a cool, dry place.